2020 Event Judge, Fashion Show, Spectrum (Annual Student Festival), National Institute of Fashion Technology Jodhpur, India, Feb 14.

2018 Invited Speaker: “Clothing and the Politics of Identity: Saris, Nationhood, and Consumption in Urban India” International Women’s Association, Chennai, India, Dec 6

2015 Invited Speaker: “Whose Sari is it anyway? The Sari as a negotiation of feminine identity in post-colonial India”, Kønsanalytisk Forum (Gender Analysis Forum), Aarhus, Denmark,May 27.

2015 Guest Lecturer: “Gender and Caste in India”, Langkær Gymnasium (High School), Aarhus, Denmark, Sep 15.

2015 Invited Speaker: “Of Bicycles, Gramophones and ‘Brash’ colours: Nineteenth-century expressions of anxieties surrounding Indian textiles” Yarn Club, Apparao Art Gallery, Chennai, India, Aug 20.

2015 Organizer: “Thuṇi ”, with Smruthi Bala Kannan (inter-school textile appreciation workshop), SPACES, Chennai, India, Aug 22.

2014 Guest Lecturer: “Gender in India”, visiting students from Risskov Gymnasium (High School), Aarhus University, Denmark, Feb 12.